Navigating Excellence Through Accountability

Seven Seas Certification follows a proper complaint and appeal system when Business dealing with complaints and appeals

  • If the client doesn't agree with the auditor's suggestions after an assessment, they can file an appeal with our Quality Manager at Seven Seas Certification.
  • The client must substantiate their reasons with concrete evidence. A committee convened by the Governing Board will review all appeals. Both the relevant auditor and the client's representative may present evidence to the committee.
  • The committee's decision will be conclusive, and both the client and the company are required to abide by it.
  • To file complaints and appeals, please complete the designated form available on our website. You can access it by visiting our website and submitting it to the department head or via email.
  • All information provided is treated with strict confidentiality.
  • A complaint and appeal can be submitted in writing. Please address it to"