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Seven Seas Certification is a third-party inspection and certification body, dedicated to verifying compliance with national and international regulations in the fields of organic and sustainable agriculture practices, sustainable textiles, quality management, environmental management, and social aspects.

  • Third-party inspection and certification focused on organic and sustainable practices.
  • Global operations assessing organizations certifying standards related to sustainability.
  • Commitment to ensuring fair conditions for supply chain stakeholders.
  • Dedication to providing consumers with trusted products bearing sustainability labels.

Compatibility With Owners

SSC collaborates with scheme owners who share common goals, speak the same language.


Excelling In Standards

With a strong focus on organic and sustainable development, SSC leads the way with expertise.


Advancing Global Fairness

SSC's global inspection and certification model ensures equitable treatment, advancing a world.


Empowering Enterprises Through Specialized Compliance Solutions

Seven Seas Certification's core objective is to create fair environments for businesses and supply chain stakeholders, enabling market exploration and fostering consumer trust in product labels. Catering to sustainability-focused organizations, it operates as an independent technical expert, ensuring correct compliance with established standards.

Seven Seas sustains itself through fees generated by offering services like inspection, certification, conformity assessment, and training in quality and sustainability standards.

  • Just Business Environments
  • Customer Attention
  • Assurance of Compliance
  • Charge Creation

Important Rules for
Adherence to Quality Management

Seven Seas certification

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 worldwide certification focuses mostly on managing quality in an organization through a set of guidelines and processes that support an organization's objectives.
Seven Seas certification

Organic Certification

In order to foster confidence between supply chain participants and final consumers, Organic certifying was founded as an international third-party inspection and certifying agency.
Seven Seas Certification

Why Seven Seas Certification

Our staff has extensive experience working with both voluntary and required standards, owing to our foundation in organic and sustainable development. Since this is how people do business today, our international model for certification and inspection ensures that everyone is treated equally and fairly. Our dedication is demonstrated by our clients' and our own commitment to using better business practices to create a better society.

Seven Seas certification

Proficiency with both required and optional standards

Our team excels in navigating both mandatory and voluntary standards content with precision and expertise.

Seven Seas certification

Organic and sustainable practices are emphasized

Our emphasis lies in promoting organic and sustainable practices, ensuring integrity and responsibility in every step of the process.


Seven Seas Certification
Where Excellence Meets Integrity

Let's move your business forward with Seven Seas Certification.

Celebrate your commitment to quality and sustainability with Seven Seas Certification. Our expert team ensures compliance with national and international regulations.



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